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Ethiopia: Government denied opposition constitutional right for peaceful demonstration

(Borkena)Staging a peaceful demonstration is supposed to,theoretically,constitute lawful act and is recognized in the constitution of Federal Republic of Ethiopia.

In practice, it is a whole different story. And there are thousands of questionable, if not illegal, administrative ways for the government to deny citizens and opposition parties the constitutional right to have peaceful demonstration.

Last year, opposition parties were allowed to organize peaceful demonstrations in the capital Addis Ababa and in some other parts of Ethiopia. One would have even question if governing TPLF/EPRDF realized that repression is ultimately dangerous to its very own existence.

Seemingly, government is reverting back to its total repression habit and denying the rights of citizens and legal opposition parties in Ethiopia to organize demonstration in the capital.

Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ)is doing all it can to be what an opposition party is all about ; to inspire and organize citizens to demand change for the better while observing the constitution of Ethiopia. In return, UDJ is receiving an even more intensive repression from the ruling party.

Finote Netsanet, UDJ party newspaper, reported government is not allowing its planned peaceful demonstration in Addis Ababa and that one of its leadership, Aemro Awoke, who was in a working trip to Dessie to work on planned peaceful demonstration was attacked and robbed by unidentified persons.

In addition to practicing administrative repression measures,the ruling party is clearly going to the extent of endorsing thugs to repress opposition parties in the country. The question is , is it ultimately desirable?



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