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Ethiopia: Rituals and relics in land of two halves

By Jim Eagles

Ethiopians are happy to share their traditions, whether it’s marriage rituals or the mysteries of churches carved into solid rock, writes Jim Eagles.

The New Zeland Herald

(The New Zeland Herald) I’m scrambling as fast as I can up a rough track, through a wilderness of sand and thorn trees in southern Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, trying to keep up with my escort of scantily-clad Hamer women with bright red hair.

We’re on our way to the Hamer equivalent of a stag party, to watch a young man prove himself man enough to marry by running naked across a row of semi-wild bulls. Judging from their smiles they’re happy for me to join their party, but they’re not above shouldering their way past if I’m too slow. Read Full story on The New Zeland Herald…



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