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Ethiopia : “No Mediators between Ethiopia and Egypt on GERD Deliberations,” Ambassador Mohamoud Dirir

(MFA) Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Egypt, Ambassador Mohamoud Dirir, has underlined the importance of constructive dialogue as “the only alternative in order to maximize the benefits, which our peoples and the region can reap from the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam.” The Ambassador said it was “naïve to consider that relations between Ethiopia and Egypt should solely be viewed through the prism of the Nile issue.” He stressed that it was Ethiopia’s conviction that the deep historic relations between the two nations called for a vision which went far beyond such a narrow scope and encompassed integrated economic and social aspects of development. Ambassador Mohamoud, in a statement over the weekend, said press reports about possible third party mediation between Ethiopia and Egypt had no foundation. He said: “As far as I know, there are only two, and only two, countries in the entire world which are well-placed to mediate between Egypt and Ethiopia; and these are, of course; Ethiopia and Egypt, themselves.” He doubted if there was any need for a mediator and said that role of the Sudan, as a partner, was pivotal in ironing out any seeming difficulties regarding on-going dialogue between Ethiopia and Egypt. Ambassador Mohamoud said these nations had sufficient wisdom and experience to ensure the Nile was a source of cooperation for all Nile Basin Countries and not a source of conflict.

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