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Donations for Mastewal Bogale

Source : Gofundme
Source : Gofundme

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Mastewal Bogale, 24 years old, came to the United States in September of 2012 in order to receive treatment for his end-stage kidney failure. Since his arrival, Mastewal has been struggling financially, emotionally and physically. Though he currently receives a Medicaid, his eligibility in the future is not guaranteed due to his immigration status. His case holder, Although Mastewal could receive a living kidney from his family or some who is willing to give him kidney, being able to get kidney and other related treatments, is what has been his primary financial burden. Mastewal has skills in software, hardware, website design, editing and anything relevant to computer and technical support however, with the obstacles he is going through with the delay of his social security, Mastewal is struggling to do anything including driving to his dialysis or supporting himself for medical costs. He cannot receive financial support from the government due to his immigration status. Read more on gofundme…



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