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Ethiopia : Zenebu Tadesse Psychologically Tormented

(Borkena) Zenebu Tadesse , Ethiopian Minister of Women, Children and Youth Affairs spoke again regarding news of her “Slamming Uganda for passing Anti-Gay law

The news devastated her and her family is feeling the heat of social pressure. The minister claims that she was in Gonder and Bahir Dar , North Western Ethiopia, when her alleged twitter comment became news. Zenebu unequivocally disowned the comment and thinks that the account was hacked.

Zenebu asserts that she clearly stated her stand against sodomy when she had the opportunity to attend the 57th “commission on status of Women” in 2013 in a United Nations meeting and that she still has strong stand against sodomy.The alleged twitter message against Ugandan legislation does not represent her personal belief nor her government’s stand, she added.

The matter following publication of the news caused tension and has even affected her family.

In a report published on Reporter Amharic she is quoted as saying that “she don’t think she will recover easily from mental torment.”

There is uncompromising opposition to the promotion of homosexuality in Ethiopia and the pressure, seen in that light, on the minister and her family could only be considered as moderate.

Zenebu Tadesse’s rejection of the twitter comment against Uganda as a work of hackers is not given the media coverage it deserves compared to the coverage given to news of her “slamming Uganda” for anti-gay legislation.



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