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Ethiopia : Alemayehu Atomsa dies at the age of 45

(Borkena) Alemayehu Atomsa, President of Oromia regional state and chairman of Oromo People’s Democratic Organization ( OPDO ) died at the age of 45.

Ethiopian government news agency (ERTA) indicated Ato Alemayehu passed away overseas and his body is expected to arrive in Ethiopia. The news source did not specifically disclose as to where Ato Alemayehu was reviving medication. Reporter,local newspaper, hinted Alemayehu was being medicated in Bangkok, Thailand.

According to government news sources, a funeral committee is already set up and Ato Alemayehu will be laid to rest at the Trinity Cathedral in two days.

Ato Alemayehu was president of Oromia regional state until he resigned last week due to illness which claimed his life. He is survived by three children.

Many seem to give credit to Alemyehu for his stance to fight corruption and rumors are already circulating in social media that Alemayehu was poisoned.

The rumor about his death might true or otherwise. However, the narrative clearly indicates prevailing mistrust and low confidence on government on the one hand and lack of transparency on the other.

It remains to be seen if government will respond to the rumors by disclosing medical report if Ato Alemayehu Atomsa.



  1. Farmers near Nazret, Ethiopia are abandoning their farms because they were ordered by President Alemayehu Atomsa to sell their products to nooneelse but to the “Governmental wholesale distributor” located in Nazret. Eventhough President Alemayehu Atomsa blamed the Federal government for this totally anti-free ecomic policy, many say the policy can be reversed by the next president.


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