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Battle of Adwa celebrated

(Borkena)Ethiopians the world over celebrated the Battle of Adwa. Ethiopian communities in the Diaspora organized events to commemorate Adwa victory. It is also celebrated in social media in the cyber world.

118 years Ago Italy ventured into a major war in the horn of Africa with the objective to make Ethiopia an Italian colony. The political dispute that led to the battle of Adwa was The Treaty of Wuchale which was singed in 1889.

Article 17 of the treaty was particularly controversial. The Italian version and the Amharic version of the Text was contradictory. Through article 17, Italy wanted to make Ethiopia a colony which not acceptable to Ethiopia. Emperor Menelik notified the government of Italy to revise the Italian version of the text and make it par with the Amharic version. Italy was not ready to do so that Menelik had to declare the treaty null and void.

Italy way of dealing with Menelik measure was a total war on Ethiopia.

Exactly today 118 years ago, Italians dared to show of their power at Adwa and they lost the war with big causality. News of The Battle of Adwa shocked not just Italians but also other European countries.

One of the reasons that makes the victory glorious is that the war was fought between well armed modern European army and mainly peasant warriors mainly with traditional spears and swords.

Ethiopians celebrate the victory every year.



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