Statue for hate and ethnic tension?

Hate and ethnic conflict has always been one of the most challenging political problems in post-colonial Africa. Two decades ago, Rwanda exhibited how devastating the problem is. No wonder Rwanda had to do everything it could to fight ethnic politics legally to the extent of banning ethnic politics constitutionally.

Ethiopian government is totally different on this matter. It’s exhibiting constant interest in keeping ethnic tension alive and well in Ethiopia. Statue – which virtually stands for hate and ethnic tension- erected in Arsi, South central Ethiopia, is just one more example of government work. It seems to bear seeds of radicalization rather than reconciliation. No question, it will contribute to radicalize young people and incoming generation in the area.

VOA Amharic service reported 20 million Ethiopian birr is spent on it.

Disgusting lie from one of the regional authorities who spoke to VOA Amharic is that he makes it seem like Ethiopians oppose the Oromos on the use of their own language which is utterly misinformation and wrong.

Oromo’s are the largest language speaking group in Ethiopia with significant contribution in Menelik’s unification campaign before and after the Battle of Adwa

Video credit- Ethiopian Review

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