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Ethiopia : interview with Zenebu Tadesse

(Borkena) In a telephone interview with Radio Fana, apparently affiliated with ruling party, Zenebu Tadesse disowned comment she allegedly made on her official ministerial twitter account regarding Ugandan anti-gay legislation.

Yesterday Huffingon Post published news that the minister slammed Uganda’s new legislation on homosexuality which was signed by President Youri Musevini a couple of days ago.

In an interview with Radio Fana , which is in Amharic, Zenebu Tadesse -Women, Children and Youth Minister- firmly disowned the comment and underscored that the alleged comment is not even in line with her own personal belief on grounds of ethics and culture. Zenebu added that as a government official she respects the constitution of Ethiopia.

Zenebu claimed that she was away from Addis for a field work and had no access to computer when the comment was posted.

Video credit: Fana Broadcasting



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