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Ethiopia – Zenebu Tadesse : “account Hacked by Unknown person(s)”

(Borkena) Zenebu Tadesse -Ethiopian Minister of Women, Children and Youth Affairs – wasted no time to notifyher twitter followers that her “account was hacked by unknown person(s)”

Her tweet is ,apparently, meant to be a response to news that she slammed Uganda for anti-gay legislation which was published on Huffington Post

Ugandan rights advocate Frank Mugisha was said to have welcomed alleged resentment from Zenebu Tadesse against Uganda’s new legislation.

Zenebu Tadesse did not specifically disown the comment related to opposition to Ugandan legislation.

Sodomy is illegal in Ethiopia.

Pic : screenshot of Zenebu Tadesse's latest tweets
Pic : screenshot of Zenebu Tadesse’s latest tweets


  1. I have seen the comment given by the so called “The Minister” She has posted what she wanted on her page and she is only refuting thinking that her bosses will not be happy.
    Who knows she might be among the …. I don’t have to mention. Could it be why she is against the anti-gay law in Uganda?

  2. why is it hard for everyone to believe that her account was hacked; it happens all the time. specially for a high class politician like herself. so stop making bullshits about her and her believes. If you do your homework properly you would know that she is a hard working women with kids and family. I would suggest who ever talks crap about this lady needs to do some searching and gets to the truth…not looking for gossips everywhere alright people!

  3. Zenebu is a member of EPRDF government. From experience, Ethiopian people were misinformed and/or lied to in many occasions. So skepticism about Zenebu’s statement should rather be expected.


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