How to make an Ethiopian vegetarian feast

Two Ethiopian chefs whip up a feast consisting of six dishes, served with pre-made injera bread, in under two hours.

Toronto Star

By: Jennifer Bain Food

When a beloved restaurant closes, the food obsessed among us panic at the prospect of losing a favourite dish forever.

So when that appears to happen with Dukem, my go-to Ethiopian spot on the Danforth, I act quickly.

I immediately invite owner Michael Kidus to the Star test kitchen to make four dishes from his vegetarian platter.

I’m being greedy. Usually I ask chefs for just one recipe, but Ethiopian meals always involve multiple meat and/or vegetable stews, so he says yes.

Kidus arrives, groceries in hand, with an unexpected guest. Banchi Kinde, the chef/owner of Rendez-Vous restaurant

They quickly unload the groceries.

Red lentils, green lentils and yellow split peas. Piles of fresh garlic, ginger and onions. Jalapenos, bell peppers, cabbage, white potatoes, carrots and green leaf lettuce. Turmeric and berbere, the essential Ethiopian ground red pepper and spice blend. Read more on Toronto star…

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  1. dagmawi toronto   February 23, 2014 at 2:19 am

    Well written article indeed the writer is food savvy
    but the body of the woman in the picture exposed. Where are you Mr. photo editor


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