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PM: Deadlock in negotiations over dam not to serve Egypt, Ethiopia

(State Information Service) Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawy said that the real support for the future road map came from the people, who are the main pillar of achieving stability during the current transitional stage, adding that in the meantime, the world support for Egypt’s stance shows the strength of the state.

He also asserted that the government tries to meet the people’s aspirations especially regarding the establishment of a democratic state in which the law is enforced to preserve human rights and social justice.

With regard to the Ethiopian Dam crisis, Beblawy said that that the Nile water case not only concerns Egypt but also all the Nile Basin countries, adding that the Nile represents the main source of Egypt’s existence.

He noted, “Our stance did not change, as we are keen on serving all Nile Basin countries especially the eastern countries.

He further added that Egypt knew that Ethiopia did not suffer from shortage of water and the construction of the dam meant to generate electricity.

He pointed out that Ethiopia should construct the dam according to the international standards and without affecting Egypt’s interests, asserting that the deadlock in the negotiations over dam would not serve Egypt or Ethiopia.

The negotiations should be based on technical issues, as the two countries should seek the opinion of international experts to make sure that the dam would not negatively affect the geological positions of the Nile, he added.

Ethiopia did not want to allow impartial international experts to review the studies regarding the construction of the dam. The Renaissance Dam crisis is, now, an international issue, as the dam would have environmental effects on the African continent, Beblawy noted.

He also stressed that the Russian side understands the Egyptian stance on the Renaissance Dam and said that international experts should consider the studies regarding the construction of the dam.

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