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Prof Galeydh televises that Khatumo State will join to Ethiopia..

(Suna Times) Prof. Ali Khaliif Galeydh has given an interview to the Universal TV. He has indirectly publicized Khatumo State’s intention to join Abyssinian mainland if the Somalis do not understand Khatumo’s continuous struggle for Somalihood, which he said they stacked to, so long times.

Incredibly, Professor’s speech could not be swallowed as easier as possible, and he has said these statements in his 45th minute in the interview and again on the 54th minute.

It is a possible that Dhulbahante family those mainly dwell in the Sool, Sanaag and Ceyn may possibly afford to break a deal with Ethiopia so that they can become the 6th province of Ethiopia.

The people those are born from the Dhulbahante clansmen have been killed for their search of Somalihood and their adhesiveness to the blue flag was not a gain that they have enjoyed as Somali nationals, also the current government does not assist Khatumo actually.

Somaliland and Puntland are in daily basis butchering Sool, Sanaag and Ceyn people, this Somali government close its’ eyes from this slaughter.

Prof. Galeydh announced “If the Somalihood have been kicked back to our face, then we shall decide what to do”

Geographically, Khaatumo State shares a border with Ethiopian mainland, in this way it is possible that they can easily join Ethiopian federal system or it may powerfully claim it’s secession from the rest of Somalia. Because, what we see know is that Khatumo is now related with complete annihilation, whereby the Somali government whom they have waited for responses begun to open a new negotiations with the secessionist Somaliland that claims as if it is an independent republic.

However, the figures of the Somali government are busy with collecting the resources of the nation, seeing that they are looting the nation’s incoming welfare, which they do not even have a time for such peace-building.

This government arrives with such behavior instead of pulling together the rest of the nation, with immediate reconstruction and healing of the republic.

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