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Help Ganitu battle blood cancer

Ganitu Henbeto


Hello all,
My name is Ganitu Henbeto. I was diagnosed with blood cancer two years ago. It was hard to understand that I was only 23 years old to go through this, but I knew questioning will not get me through; I had to be positive and fight the to be there for my son and also my family.

I am very thankful that the prognosis is a positive one for this type of cancer. But I’m not going to lie – it’s still scary to walk through all of this. I have an incredible team of doctors, family, and community like you and know I will get through it. I had a transplant a little over a year ago in Minnesota and my hospital bill is sky rocket. This time my treatment is going to be somewhere in New York and it’s going to be expensive because I have to fund my stay there. Last year I was fortunate that I was at my sister’s house, and was well accommodated. Read more…



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