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Braving Winter and old age

A little Act of kindness

Of course, braving winter is not an adventure at all for young people.The very idea of playing on ice (skating) is perhaps a manifestation of taking winter as fun rather than as a challenge. You could even meet people nostalgic of winter.

However,unsalted slippery ice walkway,so to speak, is in fact more than a challenge for older people. It’s like a safety risk. At -10 this Sunday morning, an older women was walking in the walkway (pedestrian) of Warden and St. Clair area in Toronto (Scarborough to be precise). Someone could not take it and had pull and offer a ride to the closet station. Yet, the old women declined the offer and wanted to brave the slippery walkway and the -10 weather. The little acts of kindness from the heavy accented man amidst multitude of others passing by without even caring to ask to offer help and the Old Woman’s resistance not to give up was really touching in a positive way.



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