Five surprise hot destinations where the Australian Government advises against travel: Ethiopia , North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt


(Courier Mail) ETHIOPIA, Iran and North Korea don’t typically spring to mind when most of us plan a holiday – more names that tend to be associated with poverty-stricken basket cases or rogue states led by baby-faced megalomaniacs.

Yet experts say intrepid travellers are increasingly seeking out so-called “dangerous destinations” despite government travel warnings and the difficulties of travel.

World Expeditions chief executive Sue Badyari said for travellers yearning to explore new places and off-the-beaten-track destinations, this increasingly means places with a reputation for risk.

But rather than reckless yahoo’s drawn by the thrill of danger, Ms Badyari said visitors to these countries tend to be “discerning, almost academic” travellers drawn by history, wilderness and the desire to get a deeper insight into a foreign culture.

“People when they go to these places are generally really well seasoned travellers and they do their homework,” she said.

“They know they are visiting countries with some history of civil unrest and they are well attuned to conditions.” Read more…

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