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South Africa strongly condemns murder of ex-Rwanda official

(The Africa Report) The South African government has condemned the murder of exiled former top Rwandan spy Patrick Karegyeya, vowing to leave no stone unturned in tracking down his killers.

Karegyeya, a refugee since 2007, was found dead in his hotel room at a rich South African neighbourhood New Year’s Day.

Justice minister, Jeff Radebe and also head of the powerful Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Cluster said the government was “saddened’ by Karegyeya’s death.

“The initial forensic investigations by the South African Police Service indicate that there were signs of a scuffle and a bloody curtain cord and towel which were in a safe in his room,” he said in a statement.

Radebe said the government had urged the responsible officials to expedite the investigation and bring those responsible to account.

“Incidences such as this must have the requisite consequences to deter future would-be wrong doers and should not be tolerated under any circumstances,” he said.

Karegyeya was part of the Rwandan Patriotic Front soldiers who invaded Rwanda in 1990 and was a close ally of President Paul Kagame before he fled the country.

Kagame placed him under house arrest and also stripped him of his military rank of colonel before he escaped to South Africa. Read more …



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