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Toronto Ice storm – in pictures

Toronto Ice storm brought about exciting and not so exciting experiences.

For people who love to admire nature, experiencing real ‘Ice tree’ was really fascinating and makes you forget the annoying aspects of the ice storm.

Learning to set your own walking pace and walk slowly and temporary closure of subway stops in the most affected part of the city challenged the idea of express commuting and convenience at least for a day.

On the other hand, power outage put even the very solitary practices we do at home through the use of internet – which now sound more like traditional practices- into jeopardy. It was standing in the way between loneliness and artificial forms of fighting loneliness like having a chat with someone on social media .

Reading or writing barely possible in the dark, one has to learn to pause at home too in the dark with candle lights and embrace the reality that even with incredible advancement in science and technology in our time, man could still be at the mercy of Nature!

Amateur pictures below are meant to be efforts to capture the an aspect of the ice storm. Hopefully they reminds us of both the beauty and the might of nature.



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