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Ethiopia failed on Corruption index

Transparency International’s corruption index shows Ethiopia among countries with rampant corruption

Image Source: Transparency International
Image Source: Transparency International

Ethiopian News
December 8, 2013

The surge in the number of millionaires in Ethiopia made news on theguradian on December 4,2013. The theme of the narrative was apparently the number (of the millionaires) not the story behind it.

Transparency International broke a different story on the issue of corruption. Ethiopia could now be spotted as a case of failure on corruption index map.

Corruption index essentially measures the degree to which countries are corrupted on the basis of 0-100 score. The higher the percentage of score in the corruption index, the lower the magnitude corruption problem in a given country. Conversely, the lower the percentage of the score, the higher the degree of corruption.

In 2013, Ethiopia trailed with 33 percent score and is ranked 111 out of 117, which makes Ethiopia one of the top corrupt countries in the world. Clearly, the rank demonstrates that Ethiopia is degenerating to unprecedented corruption problem in its history which obviously has negative implications for the rule of law and justice in the country, among other things.

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