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Ethiopians protested in Jeddah on Friday, 20 arrested

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November 29, 2013, (Borkena) Arab news website reported that about 20 Ethiopians, what it refers to as “Ethiopia rioters,” are arrested in relation to an incident at Makkah-Jeddah Expressway. As for the report, Ethiopians were protesting seemingly for being denied access to Shumaisi detention center where apparently thousands of Ethiopian immigrants staying awaiting for repatriation.

The report added that Ethiopians were “throwing stones” which apparently “damaged 14 cars and injured four Saudis.” According to the report “the rioters were isolated, arrested and then taken to the detention center.”  Ethiopians were denied access to the center on grounds that the center is designated for immigrants arrested by Saudi Security forces and not for immigrants who yielded themselves to security personnel.

In related news, about 200 Ethiopians continue to protest at the Ethiopian consulate in Jeddah claiming for travelling documents to return to Ethiopia, the source added.

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