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Rebels claim attack on Ethiopian government forces

Image source- Ethiopianow blogspot
Image source- Ethiopianow blogspot

November 28, 2013 (Borkena)  Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front forces claimed to have launched attack on government soldiers Humera, kefta district, north western Ethiopia, a region now incorporated to Tigrai regional state. NarJeba Assefa, foreign relation and spokesperson of the EPPF confirmed the news to VOA Amharaic service. Also, EPPF published details of the attack on its website. The rebel group also disclosed that the attack was launched in coordination with Gambela People’s Liberation Movement, another rebel group operating along the Ethiopian border. EPPF puts the number of causalities to 66 deaths and 113 wounded on the side of government soldiers and the attack was inflicted on members of 24th mechanized division.

On the other hand, VOA Amharic report indicates that Western Tigrai regional authorities claimed to have inflicted attack on “forces which received military and political training in Eritrea.” Based on the claim, the causality on the side of the rebels is six deaths. Also twelve members of the rebel group were captured.

Nurjeban Assefa told VOA Amharic service that EPPF is fighting for democracy and unity in Ethiopia.

So far no independent sources reported on the extent of the conflict and the numbers of causalities. What is clear is that armed conflict between government forces and EPPF rebels in the northern part of Ethiopia is now a reality. What is not clear is whether the conflict will escalate to a bigger magnitude to the extent of challenging the TPLF regime in Addis Ababa.




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