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Massive protest against Saudi Arabian government

Ethiopians in the Diaspora put together a massive protest in European and North American cities against Saudi Arabia government’s inhuman attack on Ethiopian immigrants.

London, Oslo, Stockholm, Washington DC, Calgary, Toronto and Ottawa are some of the cities where Ethiopians organized strong protest and protestors vowed that the protest will continue until human rights abuse on Ethiopian immigrants in Saudi Arabia is stopped. Protestors also opposed the Ethiopian government for not vocally opposing Saudi government’s illegal action against Ethiopian immigrants, and for attacking Ethiopians who opposed Saudi government in Addis Ababa,Ethiopia

Ethiopian immigrants in Saudi Arabia have recently been victims of renewed brutal attacks of unprecedented magnitude on alleged grounds of illegal presence in Saudi Arabia. Ethiopian immigrants are killed and rapped following Saudi government crackdown on Ethiopian immigrants. Ethiopian government claims that it has allocated close to € 2 million for repatriating immigrants from Saudi Arabia. However, Ethiopian government sources indicate that so far only a few hundred immigrants arrived in Ethiopia.  On the other hand the attack against Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia is not stopped. The number of Ethiopian immigrants in Saudi Arabia is estimated to be in hundreds of thousands.

Protest in Washington D.C



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