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Ethiopians nightmare in Saudi Arabia and their fight back

Saudi Arabians unleashed exceptionally barbaric attack on Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia on alleged grounds of “illegal presence.”

Many are robbed of their hard earned savings and valuables. Girls are rapped and thrown out in the streets.

The crackdown is initiated by the government of KSA. Apparently, there was no effort to protect the safety of Ethiopians whom the government of KSA is considering as “illegal immigrants”

So far three Ethiopian immigrants are confirmed dead  due to brutal mob attack from Saudi Youth. Apparently, the number of deaths is much more than what is reported as “confirmed” cases.

Ethiopians immigrants and other African immigrants are pushed to the point where they have no choice but to fight back.

Ethiopian government is claiming that it is bringing home those Ethiopians who are said to be illegal immigrants by the Saudi government. Question is

how thousands of Ethiopian immigrants in Saudi who are now considered “illegal” left home and who was behind all this. There are complaints from Ethiopian

immigrants in Saudi Arabia that Ethiopian government has not done enough other than lip service.

In fact some immigrants have started to arrive home but it is not clear if government is helping the deportees to reunite with their families and relatives.

Video above shows Ethiopian and other African immigrants fighting back in Saudi Arabia.



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