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Ethiopian housemaid attacked her employer after a phone call: Police

Ethiopian News
Published by Saudi Gazette
August 13,2013

MAKKAH — A 17-year-old Ethiopian housemaid who stabbed her employer several times in Makkah called her home country just before the attack last week, a local police station told Okaz/Saudi Gazette.

The victim was stabbed in the hands, neck, chest, and shoulders but survived, sources at Al-Aziziya police station revealed.

According to police initial investigations, the maid had worked for a year with her employer, a 40-year-old widow, before she decided to try and kill her.

The maid told police the widow treated her well and never did anything wrong to her. Toward the end of Ramadan, she went with her employers to buy Eid groceries.

Her employer bought her a calling card to talk to her family in Ethiopia and wish them happy Eid.

A few hours following the phone call, just before Fajr prayer, the maid jumped on her victim as she was leaving the bathroom.

The first thing the maid did was hit the widow on her head and then started stabbing her in her hands, chest, and face.

Somehow, the victim got away and locked herself in her room before calling her brother, who contacted her neighbors.

The maid kept trying to force her way into the room to get to the widow, who was screaming and shouting while blood gushed out from her wounds.

The neighbors called Civil Defense officers, who broke the apartment door open and helped the widow.

The widow is currently being treated at Al-Noor Specialist Hospital, where she received over 50 stitches.

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